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Balsam Set (Holiday 2019)

Balsam Set (Holiday 2019)

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Balsam Set

Our natural blush and Papaya and Coconut Oil-infused lip gloss are the ideal pair to create a fun, uplifting look that is perfect for a casual day.

Set Contains : 

Papaya + Balsam Mini - Lip & Cheek Cream in "Pure Papaya"

Happy Hibiscus Full Size - 99% Natural Blush For All Skin Tone

We're Proud To Be : 

  • Vegan 
  • Free From Mineral Oil 
  • Free From Parabens 
  • Free From Phthalates  
  • Free From Gluten
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Non-comedogenic 

100% Cruelty-Free (We do NOT test our products or ingredients on animals)


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